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    Life in Germany

    This meetup is for black immigrants (people of colour e.g. African, Asian and Latin Americans) in the diaspora, who want to connect and share with other immigrants on various topics. In an easy going and informal atmosphere, we would like to discuss topics such as, how to thrive in Germany and some of the psychological challenges (e.g. loneliness, racism) that we face and how to deal with them, to name a few. The meetup will be lead and coordinated by psychologist Evelyne Waithira Müller, who herself is an immigrant, who was born and raised in Kenya. It will be conducted in English.
    • What is your migration story?
    • How can one thrive in Germany as a Migrant
    • What are some of the psychological challenges that Migrants face in Germany and how can one deal

    The meetup will be on
    6 Mondays: 24. April 2023,
    08., 15. & 22. May 2023 and
    05. & 12. June 2023

    Veranstalter Erwachsenenbildung im Ev. Kirchenkreis Bielefeld
    Ansprechpartner K. Schachtsiek, Referentin: Psychologist Evelyne Maithira Müller
    Kontakt erwachsenenbildung@kirche-bielefeld.de
    Eintritt 10,00€ (für 6 Termine)
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    Uhrzeit 18:30-20:45