Here you will find all important information and contact points if you would like to commence a traineeship/apprenticeship.

    Employment Agency arranges jobs and training placements/apprenticeships and advises which professions might be suitable. In addition, it has an overview of available training places/apprenticeships and can help with placements.

    Employment Agency
    Werner-Bock-Str. 8
    33602 Bielefeld

    Employment Agency


    Further information:

    Job profiles: Berufenet and Berufe

    Professional interests: Planet Beruf

    Internships and dual vocational training: Jobbörse

    Internships for school students: Kursnet

    The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) is responsible for the professions in industry and commerce and the Chamber of Crafts (HWK) for the professions in the craft trades.

    The IHK and HWK are the largest chambers in Germany. There are also chambers for other professions, such as the Chamber of Pharmacists, the Chamber of Veterinarians, the Chamber of Dentists, the Chamber of Doctors.

    The IHK and HWK will advise you personally and can help you find an apprenticeship or a profession that suits your interests and skills.

    If you are looking for an apprenticeship, it is helpful to visit training exchanges, training/apprenticeship fairs and job fairs.

    Training/apprenticeship vacancies are published on the Internet on the IHK and HWK websites.

    Chamber of Crafts Ostwestfalen-Lippe zu Bielefeld
    Campus Handwerk 1
    33613 Bielefeld
    Phone 0521 56080

    Chamber of Crafts


    Chamber of Industry and Commerce Bielefeld
    Elsa-Brändström-Str. 1-3
    33602 Bielefeld
    Phone 0521 5540

    Chamber of Industry and Commerce

    The Bielefeld Employment Agency for Young People supports young people under the age 25 years in their efforts to find an apprenticeship or job. This is a joint initiative of Jobcenter Arbeitplus Bielefeld and REGE mbH, which aims to avoid unnecessary routes and duplicate advice. The Employment Agency for Young People focuses on the needs of young people.

    Financial assistance such as ALG II, education and social participation benefits, vocational training assistance and BaföG for school students can also be applied for here.

    Employment Agency for Young People
    Herforder Str. 71
    33602 Bielefeld
    Phone 0800 4555500

    Bielefeld Employment Agency for Young People

    The City of Bielefeld has set up international support classes at the vocational training colleges for recently immigrated young people aged 16 and over who are subject to compulsory vocational schooling. They take in young people whose language skills are not yet sufficient for attendance in normal classes.

    The support classes provide German language tuition and basic knowledge of mathematics, social studies and natural sciences.

    To prepare for their careers, the school students attend the special workshops organised by Befufskolleg and can also complete company internships.

    Each class is supported by a school social worker provided by REGE mbH.


    REGE mbH
    Herforder Str. 73
    33602 Bielefeld
    Phone 0521 9622-314


    KAUSA Servicestelle is open to all young people with a migration background and all young refugees living in Bielefeld.

    The services that it provides include:

    • counselling for self-employed people, small and medium-sized enterprises, young migrants, young refugees and their parents
    • orientation and empowerment workshops for young migrants and young refugees
    • workshops for parents
    • establishment of a mentor network
    • arrangement of a regular get-together for self-employed people/entrepreneurs with a migration background
    • organisation of an international training exchange

    REGE mbH
    Herforder Str. 73
    33602 Bielefeld
    Phone 0521 9622-313

    Kausa Servicestelle

    Bei der Stadt Bielefeld können Sie eine Ausbildung in verschiedenen Arbeitsbereichen machen. Es können insgesamt 25 verschiedene Berufe gelernt werden. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier:

    Ausbildung bei der Stadt