If you are new to Bielefeld, you must first register at the Citizens’ Advice Service (Bürgerberatung) and then, depending on your country of origin and the reason for residence, register with different offices.

    Here you will find information on what points of contact are important for you.

    European Union nationals and their family members have a three-month right of residence which is not tied to any conditions. If they wish to stay for more than three months, they enjoy rights under the principle of freedom of movement as job seekers, vocational trainees, employees (e.g. with a mini-job), self-employed persons, non-employed persons (e.g. students, pensioners, etc. provided that they have sufficient means) and as family members.

    After five years of legal residence, they have a right of permanent residence irrespective of whether they have satisfied the previous conditions under the principle of freedom of movement.

    Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)

    BAMF is the authority responsible for implementing asylum law. Here you will find all the main information on matters relating to asylum, e.g. the method for applying for asylum and advice on the procedure.

    BAMF – Asylum and Refugee Protection

    Citizen Affairs Office-
    Foreigners Registration Department

    Municipal Foreigners Department is responsible for residential matters for asylum seekers allocated to the City of Bielefeld. After refugee or non-deportability status has been recognised, a residence permit and, if necessary, an ID card or replacement ID card will be issued.

    Citizen Affairs Office – Foreigners Registration Department
    Niederwall 23
    33602 Bielefeld
    Phone 0521 5-10

    Foreigners Registration Department

    Nationals of a “third country” who are not citizens of an EU member state, the European Economic Area or Switzerland and who wish to stay in Germany permanently require a residence permit.

    Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)

    The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees will provide you with all the information you need concerning the legal basis for residence in Germany on the part of third-country nationals.

    BAMF – Third-country nationals