About us

    ʺBielefeld is a liberal town, strongly characterised by migration. Our offer of services is intended to give everyone quick access to the information they need.

    Whether you have newly arrived in Bielefeld, have lived here for a longer time or are engaged in advisory work – our website presents an overview of the many offers, possibilities and openings in our town.

    I am looking forward to good, positive living together here and thank you for your contribution to ʺintercultural Bielefeld.“

    Pit Clausen, Mayor of Stadt Bielefeld

    Interkulturelles Bielefeld provides access to information and networks, while also addressing newcomers to Bielefeld and people working in the field of integration.

    Either as a website or in the mobile version for smartphones, the offers of service are available in Arabic, German, English, French, Greek, Polish, Russian, Turkish and in simplified language.

    Interkulturelles Bielefeld as an aid for advice and information

    New arrivals can find for example information on

    • schools
    • living accommodation in Bielefeld
    • advisory services
    • financial assistance
    • language learning, work and qualifications
    • the contact details for the various offices and institutes

    Offer of network and und cooperation with people working full-time or as volunteers in the field of integration.

    The website combines relevant information, and is focused on up-to-date communal networking.

    Please send us

    • Current subjects (by email)
    • Offers and projects (online form)
    • News from the town districts (by email)
    • Dates and events for the online calendar online form)

    All information submitted will be checked, evaluated and published with reservation after editing.

    Please let us know about changes or cancellations of dates in good time: interkulturelles@bielefeld.de