About us

    “Bielefeld is a town characterized by immigration. We want to offer everyone the chance to access the information you need. Whether you have newly arrived in Bielefeld or have been living here for a longer time or if you work with the advisory services, our website is intended to provide an overview of the various offers and possibilities available in our town.
    I am looking forward to a good communal life here and thank you for your contribution to an Intercultural Bielefeld.”

    Pit Claussen, Mayor of Stadt Bielefeld


    Bielefeld Interkulturell provides information in various languages for migrants and people involved in the area of integration.

    To begin with, the pages will be available with uncomplicated texts in Arabic, German, English, French, Russian and Turkish. Because of the large amount of information involved and to ensure that the texts are kept up to date, the subjects Aktuelle Themen, Aktuelle Projekte, Neues aus den Stadtteilen and Veranstaltungskalender can only be shown in German. All the other content will be translated.

    You are heartily invited to make active use of the website. Please send us your projects, notification of events and important dates to be put in the Veranstaltungskalender (calender of events).

    Have you any ideas or wishes? Please contact us if you do. We would really like to have your contribution to a lively, intercultural Bielefeld: interkulturelles@bielefeld.de